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With the release of Mod21 on PC and consoles, level requirements for both character and professions have changed significantly enough to require a rewrite of this tutorial.  This new tutorial will be written from the perspective of a fresh start.  References to Asset or Material Exchange Credits have been removed.
This is very much a work-in-progress and I will be adding to it as I work my way through the process.  Keep checking back for future updates.  The original walkthrough can be found at this LINK and is left here for reference purposes only.
Character Level 8
Workshop Opportunity

Upon finishing the Vellosk Adventure and returning to Sgt. Knox, you will receive the Workshop Opportunity questline.  You are tasked with seeking out the landlord of the workshop to talk to him about taking over the duties of running the workshop.

80 CopperWorkshop Contract

Once you reach the workshop you will get to watch a custscene in which the current workshop runner is arguing with the landlord and ends up getting herself fired.

Once you enter the workshop you will have a brief conversation with the landlord which culminates with you accepting your new duties and receiving the next step in the tutorial.
Choose a Retainer
You're given a choice of six different retainers.  Doesn't matter which one you decide on, the retainer has no bearing on your ability to craft.
Choose a Starting Profession
She may not have been your choice, but she was mine
It doesn't matter which profession you choose to start with.  As you progress you will eventually be able to use all professions.  However, Alchemy and Jewelcrafting are more useful at lower levels.  You will be given a Starter Box which includes tools and resources for the profession you chose to start with.

2 SilverMaterials BagProfession Starter KitToolbox
Accept Applications
You're directed to the desk in your office to review applications received.  Among the applicants you will find two adventurers (used in Gathering tasks) and two from your chosen profession.  If you're not happy with the applicants you can dismiss them later, but for now you will need them to finish the tutorial.

Craft an Item at the Workstation
Pick a level 1 task requiring resources from the starter box you are given.  This first task will require you to use Morale to complete the task.  From the artisans you hired earlier, choosing the one with the highest Proficiency will afford you the best chance at successfully completing this task.

Order an Item at the Dispatch Board
Pick a level 1 task with the shortest gather time.  Also pick your most proficient artisan to ensure success.  If you're lucky one of the adventurers you hired may have a high Speed modifier lowering the wait time.  It is not possible to use Morale on Gathering tasks.

Wait for Gathering Task to Complete
Wait for your item to be gathered and pick it up from the Delivery Box.

That completes the tutorial.  The questline itself continues once you reach level 5 in any profession.
Profession Level 5
Thanks for reading!
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