Mod16: State of the Game Stream: Highlights

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Mod16: State of the Game Stream: Highlights

Post by  Michael DarkAngel  »  Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:53 pm

  • New Dungeon
Well, who didn't know that was going to happen. New area, 5 new zones, 10 new levels... Yeah, it was a given we'd get a new dungeon.
  • Revamped Loot Tables
This sounds promising, but we'll have to see what their idea of "better drops" actually means.
  • New Content and Polish
Well... Umm... Yeah... Undermountain, Mad Wizard Halaster, new gear. Yeah all that adds up to new content, but I guess from that we can take away that Undermountain won't just be a recycle of let's say Whispering Caverns. Polish; well by that they mean all code is getting a once over. Does that mean bug fixes are on the horizon? Perhaps the more egregious ones, but it's another wait and see.
  • Current Gear
Our current gear will still be viable for the opening areas of Undermountain. What's considered the opening areas and how long the current gear remains viable is yet to be determined.
  • More Blogs
Roughly around 15 more blogs to come. Most likely class-specific blogs to come first. I would have liked to see these every day since the announcement. Instead we got four on announcement day and then had to wait 6 days for the next one. At that pace, Mod16 will be on the Preview Shard before the next blog and then the blogs will be old news.
  • New Mounts and Companions
Another given. I haven't seen a new mod yet that hasn't introduced a new mount and/or companion. When asked if mythic mounts were coming in the future, things went pretty silent.
  • Expeditions
This is to be a new system for dungeons that will be similar to the Tarokka cards for Barovia hunts. Sounds promising.

Some non-Mod16 highlights:
Mod17 and Mod18 are already in the planning stages. More new events are coming. A new class/race was hinted at, but wasn't stated specifically which one. PvP by item level, sounds like an interesting fix and something that should be looked at for some of the events as well.

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